The cybersecurity semesters

The DGA has entrusted Inria, on behalf of all the partners of the PEC research centre (Pôle d’excellence cyber), with the organisation of “thematic semesters” dedicated to cybersecurity.

Led by one or several researchers from PEC partners, a thematic semester has the following objectives:

  • to strengthen the visibility and scientific activity of teams working on a given cybersecurity subject;
  • to strengthen technology transfer activity through the development of platforms or proofs of concept;
  • to carry out a strategic reflection on the theme, which will take the form of a white book intended to be widely disseminated and which will be used to steer funding by the PEC;
  • to provide scientific formation and information for students and for the general public.

To this end, a thematic semester is made up of a series of scientific events such as colloquia, conferences and working group meetings. There is a with thematic coherence between these events that are organized over a period of 3 to 6 months. These activities are complemented by short or longer term invitations of researchers and other events that may be organized in cooperation with the Rennes ecosystem.

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